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    The project aims to build a system for the real-time prediction of high-resolution ocean topography expressed by Sea Level Anomaly (SLA) maps obtained from satellite altimetry. The system, referred to as Prognocean Plus (known also as Prognocean+), is the extension of the existing solution known as Prognocean. Short- and medium-term prognoses of time-variable ocean topography, with lead times ranging from 1 to 14 days, is important for several oceanographic applications, for instance inference on oceanic circulation, marine ecology and ship maneuvering. Important is not only the real-time computation of forecasts but also the ease of access to prediction products, including standardized solutions. Thus, the system integrates the high-performance MPI-based computations of SLA predictions carried out with the use of supercomputing infrastructure, needed for fast computation of long series of SLA gridded data with 0.25° × 0.25°, with two independent opportunities to assess the prognoses. The detailed description of the infrastructure is given in section “Prognocean+” while the modelling methods and the products of data processing are described in section “Methods and products”.

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